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Podcast FSJam Podcast #31: Fullstack Accessibility with Ben Myers

I joined Chris and Anthony on FSJam Podcast to discuss fullstack approaches to web accessibility! We discuss access needs, tooling, education, and more. Go give it a listen!


Takeaways From "Adapting Comics for Blind and Low Vision Readers: A Roundtable Discussion"

"Are we adapting the form of comics or the content of comics?"

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Takeaways From Axe-Con 2021

What I learned from Axe-Con about automated accessibility testing, design systems, data visualization, organizational influence, and more.

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I Finally Understand Eleventy's Data Cascade.

Where does Eleventy get all of its data? Which data overrules other data? I've documented my whole mental model of Eleventy's data cascade.

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RSS Readers: Yet Another Case for Semantic Markup

I found a pleasant surprise in my RSS reader, and it reminded me why I write semantic markup.

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Add a link to the beginning of your page to help keyboard navigators skip over repeated links.

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aria-label, aria-labelledby, and aria-describedby: What's the Difference?

Diving deep into three attributes that bring clarity to elements in assistive technologies.

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Talk ReactJS Dallas: Hijacking Screenreaders with CSS

Mislead screenreaders into inserting content, mispronouncing text, and forgetting semantics — with just a few lines of CSS. Presented at ReactJS Dallas.

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Out With The Old, In With The New

How and why I rebuilt my blog from the ground up with Eleventy.

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Maintaining Focus Outlines for Windows High Contrast Mode

I'm using outline: 3px solid transparent; from now on.

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Lexical and Dynamic Scope

A peek inside the matryoshka dolls that power your programming. Written mainly for JavaScript developers.

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CSS Can Influence Screenreaders

How CSS bleeds into content and influences screenreader announcements.

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New Year, New Terminal: Alias Your Directories the Unix Way

The trick I use all day to speed up development and make my Unix terminal delightful.

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New Year, New Terminal: Alias Your Directories the Windows Way

The trick I use all day to speed up development and make Command Prompt delightful.

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What Is ARIA?

A beginner's guide to ARIA: what it is, what it does, why you should use it... and when you shouldn't.

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Talk ReactJS Dallas: Accessibility Is Compliance

A brief foray into the American case law surrounding web accessibility, presented to the ReactJS Dallas meetup at Call-Em-All.


The Accessibility Tree

Understanding the flow of page contents from browser to screenreader caused me to radically rethink accessible markup.

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How (Not) to Build a Button

When you reinvent the wheel, you might miss a few spokes.

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How Domino's Could Topple the Accessible Web – Part 1: Public Accommodations

The popular pizza chain has a big part to play in the unseen war over the web.

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